Writing Pascale Duguay

Things I love about writing:

Imagining ~ Creating ~ Sharing ~ Learning

While my writing career started out with children’s stories, it soon branched out in several directions. That’s because the more I wrote, the more ideas floated into my head. Ideas are as unpredictable as they are fascinating; they come out of thin air and often disappear just as quickly. The trick is to be ready and willing to catch them whenever they make an appearance.

Here’s some of the places my ideas have taken me so far:

  • Creating a blog to help writers make the most of their writing time
  • Sharing my writing tips in various newsletters
  • Writing romance novels for adults
  • Creating stories and articles for adult and children’s  magazines
  • Developing children’s book manuscripts from board books to young adult novels

For a complete list of my publications, see my Publishing Credits page.