Translating Pascale Duguay

Things I love about translating:  

 Puzzle Solving ~ Research ~ Focus ~ Challenge 

I translated my very first document at the age of 16 during a summer job at a local pottery studio. It was a booklet describing different techniques for making ceramic objects. My boss told me not to worry about making it perfect, his employees just needed to understand the basic procedures and instructions. It took me two weeks of painstaking work helped along with my small French and English dictionary. Although my translation was indeed far from perfect, it inspired me to learn more about the process.

A few years later, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in translation from the Université de Montréal. I have since become a freelancer and have translated and corrected a variety of documents in French and English including articles, newsletters, brochures, business correspondence, technical manuals, résumés, and packaging material.

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