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Another annoying thing in this branch are the changes in crew numbers, forcing you to shuffle your crews around, not allowing them to train consistently and properly.I am sure many people noticed the trend with new Wargaming branches that the lowtiers tend to be bearable, mid-high tiers tend to be pretty horrible with only hightiers catching up the pace. That’s drivers seat and it’s facing backwards. has nearly the same stats as the Sexton IIScrew you WG, I’ll grind this sick arty without any free exp! All my tests on each were performed with a FULL 100% crew and fully equipped gear. Well, basically it’s a fast tank (when going backwards), with a huge gun.Tier 8,9,10 vehicles are kinda similiar in their layout. Lets say, that there are 3 tanks – side by side. I checked here, where I can hit behind this HUGE hill (im sure, you will see the difference). When you fight on this vehicle for the first time, you are in for a shock: it’s somewhat slow and huge (this arty sticks out, literally) and with no traverse, it an simply fire only forward. I decided to translate some of it (well, not literally, I will add some comments) in hope it will bring the prospective arty players (who should should be summarily sacrificed to Khorne would like to try the British arties) some info to decide, what’s what. Hello everyone!

On the plus side, the British finally get an SPG with some range. Skills for arty - posted in General Discussion: What are good skills for arty?

It uses the same guns as the previous Sexton, they just fire a bit faster and are a bit more accurate. Apr World of Tanks: World of Tanks startet Gefecht, hängt jedoch im Ladebildschirm bei 100%; 02.

If you expect a turret however, you will be disappointed – the casemate construction is rigid and the gun itself has a horrible, horrible traverse arc, only 4 degrees!

Its damage is also lower than other SPGs of the same tier. Is that British arty tree is worth playing also on tier VI, VII etc?if you are going to do the mission for campaign 2, then you need all lines.CGC and m53/55 are good for mission and also usually used in CW.soviet line with that 203mm gun is good, obj261 is accurate.French is fast loading but doing very little damage.No need to change line, you can have all arties at the same time.After playing some games with all these arties you will find the one you like most.Just play the Common Test and see what you think of it. Nach oben. - posted in SPGs/Artillery: Alrighty then, I have not really seen to many people post up stuff about British artillery so I will go ahead and write down a full review of each and every single one. I have 700 battles on live server in T92, so I really know what I say.I have even replay from this battle. And I can say YES. Live aufgenommen und kommentiert.

Arty Alltag in World of Tanks mit der britischen Tier 7 Artillerie Crusader 5.5-in. Only 14 km/h?

Well, if you look at some of the screenshots, you will understand:See that seat?

Foren-Übersicht Strategiespiele-Zone World of Tanks [World of Tanks] Tipps & Tricks [World of Tanks] Reichweite der einzelnen Artilleries ? Just like I grinded my Churchill GC!hmm, been trying to think of places where UK arty would excel at, one that comes to mind it the top left corner of El Halluf, true you’d prob have to be closer to the target, but if you can just lob shells into a massed group of tanks all huddled together thinking they are safe, being pin point accurute isn’t all that needed with the splash prob hitting 5 tanks. On the other hand, this vehicle has awesome armor (even better than the one of some tier 10 meds! Please remember that arties have tracks and feelings too. Tier 7, Crusader 5.5:  This one looks like its going to have an extremely bad stock grind, and I really do mean really really bad. AOE is low, RoF is high. They can quickly switch from flank to flank and react to changing conditions in the battlefield, rather than having to be "pointed" in a certain direction like other artillery. The HE shells of the top gun are a problem however – while they are sufficient to destroy enemies of tier 2 to 4, they lack penetration to destroy tier 5-6 enemies (the tester fired 6 premium shells at KV-2 and has done 0 damage). Interestingly enough, the golden HE shells have a huge splash (4,5m, compared to the 3,15m of the regular HE), but there is not much sense in buying it. I know that late tier tanks like VIII and above are very very strong but when I’m playing in 2020 I can see only German arty (90% of all arty I would say) and that’s pretty weird...Sometimes people playing American or Soviet arty but as I said it’s like 10% of them.If we’re talking about British arty - for last around 100 games I saw maybe one or two...What do you think about it guys? IF YOU LIKED IT COMMENT. That thing is pure evil.I free XPed the CGC to have it for CW. For past 2-3 days, was running a review thread of the new artillery. I dislike the tank, as I eventually got the T92 that is "better" of a meme SPG, BUT, I still avg more/easier DMG with the CGC. Therefore, it can (and has to) run away from scouts backwards, while shooting at them from the move (yes, that works, if you manage to hit and drive at the same time). 03. Apr World of Tanks: KV 3 oder KV 1S; 02. Thx for the review, I at least wanted a hint of what I would be looking at in 8.7  :-)

Viel Spaß mit dem Video. The gun arc is nothing like the CGC tho, so physical objects will block you way more often.French SPGs I don't like. The chassis belongs obviously to the Valentine tank – with a boxy construction on top of it. Its rof is pretty much on par of the other SPGs of its tier.Is there a reason that artillery reload cool down isn't shown in team panel?

The most i have on an arty is 8, which are ss, bia, camo, muffled shot, green thumb, sit aware, clutch braking and controlled impact, because people love ramming arty. This is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions. It's not that hard, but it does mean you can't just sit there and play with one hand in one spot of the map all game. The only way to play it is with the AP rounds, with all their joys, such as “that one bounced”, detracks and 0 damage crits.

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